“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” — Coco Chanel

At Enamel Diction, we're passionate about color. Be it dictated by astrology, nature, analogous theory, complementary schemes or discovered in our natural habitat of the fashion media; color has the ability to influence perceptions and alter mood.

Step inside the Enamel Diction Color Studio to uncover your personal expression and buff off the truth. Is the polish we wear a true reflection or just gloss?

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Taurus

crescent moon buttonTaurus sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through comfy Taurus today. Eat something you love. Have a second serving.

Monthly Colorscope

Horoscopes by Kimberly Dewhurst
Creative By Tamara Sheeran

Get your pedicure did, on the edge of Summer May brings a renewed freshness
and a youthful hotness.


March 21 — April 19
There’s sweet relief for rams this May.

Beautiful Venus inhabits your sign all month long, so you’re extra appealing to others, plus your ruling planet Mars presents plenty of opportunities to circulate, get social Aries – especially the weekend of the 13th, which offers a particularly seamless rapport.

Explore sideline interests, try out different skills and meet new people. By the end of the month you could be ready to take curiosities further, keen for a fresh start within your usual circles.
You might encounter resistance around the 25th, as you break free from outmoded ways.

There’s heightened awareness in your finances and practical progress, including revelations in pooled resources, projects and property.

Stay confident and be bold.
Amp up strong color tones but keep it on the lighter side of the spectrum with salmon, coral and mellow yellow.


April 21 — May 21
All eyes are on you birthday girl, however if you’re not totally in party spirits that’s a.okay.

You’ve been prompted to put on the brakes more than once lately, and May delivers further opportunities for reflection.
Set aside your busy schedule to refine thoughts behind closed doors – you’ll gain clarity from the 16th.

It might be easy to splash the cash this month, especially in support of easing the most routine matters on your agenda; do reset the dial on your financial goals towards month end – around the 25th try to maintain realism around your spending.

Personal relations are heightened towards the 10th, with an intense exchange producing insights that enhance your process, helping you on your path to closure.

Bring the calmest, serene vibes your way with pale, refreshing tones. 


May 21 — June 20
Forget the sage Gemini, this month you’re the lifesaver.

Stamina and drive is high for twins throughout May.

Note your best days for initiating and enjoying social connections fall between the 4th and 15th, after which – despite reserves of energy – you’ll be inclined to keep a slightly lower profile.

Come out from behind the scenes to celebrate Gemini season, which kicks off on the 21st. The 25th is your personal new year – it’s all about you!

Set off on the right foot with high resolve and watch for a cat among the pigeons – there are subtle power plays on this day, adding surprising dimensions to your most significant relationships.

Know that until May 9th there’s a particularly changeable dynamic within your squad – perhaps you’ll instigate the shake-up; trust the situation will come full circle.

Striking white and fluorescents increase your electric appeal.


June 21 — July 22
Charge them with your electric feel.

Despite being a sociable time for crabs, May could feel low energy. You’re in a favourable cycle career-wise and can make some incredibly productive moves, however you’ll want to take it easy and make headway from a peaceful sanctuary.

You can amplify your evolving profile considerably, leveraging your network. May 9th is particularly auspicious for powerful relations, and sending a refreshed message out into the world.

The 10th reveals your interests or passion project – celebrate your enduring resourcefulness and announce your greatest love, be it a product of your creativity or a smoldering romance.

Get your professional vibe on. Keep it fresh in pressed white. Give your network something to talk about with a statement jewelry. Dial it back from the 21st and be extra gentle with yourself on the 25th.


June 21 — July 22
It’s time to shine Leoline!

May presents opportunities to step up and show your expertise, especially in ways that broaden your horizons in a more meaningful way.

The 9th and 10th are your career power days and a good time to promote your talents! Make sure you don’t forget however, to honor the foundations that support you in your journey and stay true to yourself.

Hotline Bling? Ramp up your adventurousness side with violet and vibrant red.

Expand your circle during May – it’s a truly sociable time, which can open up new avenues and networks.  Connections from further afield answer your call this month – you’ll figure out the details surrounding your venture, and can embrace an anticipated experience.

Towards the end of the month step into the crowd that holds potential, though note the 25th as a potential sticking point, when duty calls.


August 23 — September 22
Smoky & Sultry Dominates May for the Ambitious Virgos

You enter May in the throws of excitement and possibly change.

With your ruler Mercury retrograde in the area of intimate liaisons, expect to be figuring out a dynamic exchange till mid-month.

Thoughts will then turn to a venture you’re focused on, but before then there’s fireworks.

The 9th and 10th in particular could prompt an unexpected conversation or surprising information can reveal itself. This allows you to move ahead with the affair that’s consumed you, though watch the 25th for tension.

Broadening your scope is possible now, with the most favorable times for travel, learning or elevation between the 16th and 20th; use these dates to reach further afield, and throw yourself in your ambitions, outlining goals towards month end.

Take control this month with Black.
Express magnetism and power all month long with bold, dramatic eyes and striking beauty.


September 23 — October 22
May has you looking good in every way.

Relationships even out in May.

A partner, co-worker, friend, or perhaps a close sibling or peer features highly in rethinking your dynamic, and, you’ve your own, graceful social expertise to thank, too.

There’s still much to process and a new outlook to assimilate, however you’ll notice real progress in one-to-ones in the weeks ahead.

Expect a deepening of trust and loyalty to ensue – you might well take a collaboration to a more permanent level but there’s certainly no need to rush!

Reflect the growing intensity with a burnt orange, burgundy and maroon touches.

Money matters can come to fruition around the 9th or 10th, fostering an increased sense of stability.

The 25th could be challenging, as your desires for security might not quite be met; this is a day to dream adventurously.


October 23 — November 21
Go Deep Scorpio

May is a month to scratch beneath the surface.

Though busy and productive, you’ve time and energy to dig deeper into a private affair – be it financial, legal or personal in nature; perhaps you’re pursuing a joint project, sharing space or pooling resources with another.

Though you’re at liberty to probe, go easy on the 25th. Loaded with tension you’re also given a fresh start on this day yet it could be explosive, so don’t do anything you’d later regret.

The 9th and 10th are powerful in owning your place within relationships, and can really cement agreements, while from the 16th all personal exchanges become easier to handle.

Bright white expresses transparency, loyalty and trust in the weeks ahead; stone grays help you to step back, promoting balance in exchanges when needed.


December 22 — January 19
May spells excitement in relationships and romance!

You might be feeling introverted around the 10th, perhaps in need of a time out, however by the 12th it’ll be good to reconnect with your tribe – it’s a positive day for exchanges of all kinds to go well.

Your sense of fun might have been in flux lately, with unexpected twists and turns; this month promises progress and resolution in partnerships, though watch the 19th for exaggeration and overpromising – you don’t want others calling your bluff!

There’s lots of positivity for your role throughout May, and you can play a real power move on the 9th.

Just watch the 25th for a struggle of wills, you might find yourself forfeiting pleasure for something else desirable.

Ice-cream colors show your sweet side to your playmates. Fantastic flavoured fancies, help you get what you want!


November 23 — December 21
Home is where the goat is

May presents fun for mountain goats, and brings resolution to an ongoing domestic story. Turn your focus towards those things that make you smile.
Enjoy favorite pastimes, creative pursuits or sweet romantic encounters, stimulate your imagination and indulge your senses.

You’ll know what (and who) brings you most pleasure from mid-month with possible breakthroughs on the 9th and 10th. Get out and mingle on these star days in your signature black, with touches of emerald to invigorate your look.

Simultaneously, it’s a time when changes anticipated at home can be realized, so be alert to motions stirring in base camp.

You do love to be productive and this month won’t disappoint, in fact, you can make strides towards a healthy new lifestyle goal, totally reinvigorating your outlook – consider you work schedule and daily rituals, too.


January 20 — February 18
May’s a month when things start to work themselves out.

Your quest for social connection can’t be quenched, so let yourself have fun freely and mingle with abandon – you’ve an electric current running through you, felt most strongly on the 9th – a day too to feel intensely supported.

The 19th is also a star date for your diary, when connections pull through – you can meet the right people as the stars align for strategic, social networking.
Reach for red that grabs attention. Get out, about and on fire with lips or nails that pop and work the room. 

This is equally a good time to learn, brainstorm and be curious – take a trip somewhere that’s new to you and explore.

May 10th brings you five minutes of fame so be groomed and gorgeous on this day that spotlights your achievements.


February 19 — March 20
May lets you gain ground, with an authentic sense of security.

With a handle on your income after May 4th you’ve a smoother run for your money, which allows you to move ahead with strategizing or saving.

Domestic spaces appear favorably, too. Turn energy inward towards your resting spot, favorite companions or the fam.

There are a few complications to navigate, namely between the 8th to the 11th when there’s potential unrest in your nest, challenging your foundations.

Community can help alleviate the pressure, however later in the month their support could seem interfering, so keep eyes wide open.

Watch out for the 29th, a volatile day that creates tension with authority figures. Connection and learning’s favored from the 16th.

Charcoal helps you stay calm this month. Emphasizes your relaxed, fluid style with comfortable cuts, and soothing gray.