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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Taurus

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Moon is traveling through comfy Taurus today. Eat something you love. Have a second serving.

Monthly Colorscope

Horoscopes by Kimberly Dewhirst
Creative By Tamara Sheeran

It’s Leo season, time to Roar!


March 21 — April 19
Leo season is eclipse season, and for Aries, this means forging ahead with brand new perspectives around creative projects and romance!

With two new moon’s (and thus two supercharged fresh starts) in the most playful area of your horoscope it’s time to get clear on what you want to produce and bring into realization in the months ahead – be it a sizzling summer fling that lasts through winter or new beginnings for a cherished interest.

This is a highly passionate time for you – embrace fun to increase your sense of creativity, and direct heartfelt enthusiasm towards the things that raise a smile. It could be the children around you, artistic interests or a pet project that lights you up! Perhaps it’s a sizzling love affair that brings you joy… July 27th, and August 20th to the 22nd are highly significant power days, with plenty of positive moments in-between.

Enhance your usual fresh-faced beauty with a striking cat flick (the more dramatic the better). A shimmering touch of bronzer reflects the warm, sunny outlook – let the good times roll Aries!

Good news, Mercury moves into the discerning zodiac sign ‘Virgo’ on July 26th, bringing order and organization to your actions.

You might notice yourself becoming incredibly busy from mid-August – blame Mercury! The planet of chatter appears retrograde from the 13th. Watch out for routine errors in your everyday dealings, and approach your usual processes with extra vigilance.

Note August generally spells conflict, as interests compete for space – career, home life and beloved partners demand attention. Expect tension, with the 15th through to the 17th particularly emotional…


April 21 — May 21
Your home foundations, personal space or sense of security is ready for a shake-up, with two major fresh starts ahead – July 23rd and August 21st!

Your home foundations, personal space or sense of security is ready for a shake-up, with two major fresh starts ahead – July 23rd and August 21st!

Change is guaranteed; new beginnings in your emotional, nesting zone could manifest as a renewed outlook on motherhood! Be open to talks about family, or adding another element to your household.

With your sanctuary in the spotlight you’ll have plenty of energy for a deep clean – leave no corner unturned, focusing on rejuvenation, optimistic about the remainder of 2017.

Add stability and calm serenity with warm taupe, fresh white and dove gray. August 7th puts your professional face on show, as a lunar eclipse in your career and achievements zone lights up progress! Dress to impress, you’re visible on this dazzling day.

There’s emphasis on your role and money in July; talks could get heavy on the 24th while the 30th delivers nicer surprises.

August introduces a change of pace. Your connection to others evolves beautifully as your ruler – lovely Venus – moves into the curious, exploratory area of your horoscope. If you’ve been eager to brush up your skills, or bond with close friends you’re delivered opportunities – the 10th and 12th are gorgeous. The 15th takes a heavier tone, while the 17th forces you to choose between your regular duties and fun! Schedule accordingly, gentle Bull.

Note, communicator Mercury goes a.w.o.l. in the playful, expressive area of your ‘scope from the 9th, stirring up confusion in your friendship and networking zone. Be extra vigilant around social occasions! You could find you’re re-arranging the finer details after the 13th…


May 21 — June 20
In the weeks ahead we’ll experience two eclipses and two new moons – new beginnings! These fall in the area of your horoscope related to common experiences, connection and companions, Gemini.

There’s a great opportunity to breathe life into your interactions with close peers, siblings and your community.

Note that your forte for communication is naturally enhanced during Leo season, and the weeks ahead indicate a marvelous time to reach out, initiating desirable associations.

Explore fresh starts with friends; your capacity for learning and building skills is heightened, so sign up for that educational course! Take trips locally or travel to nearby destinations, and act with curiosity.

Show warmth and sociability with a bold, zesty print – vibrant color demonstrates your optimism in exchanges, and turns heads your way. Orange and yellow suits your bright outlook, and a sprightly mood for summer…

Attention turns inward July 26th, as messenger Mercury heads to your home zone. Domestic spaces feature in the weeks ahead – note that confusion can arise. Your ruling planet contends with foggy Neptune from August 9th, and appears retrograde from the 13th.

Attention you’d like to lavish on home could prove difficult, as your nest competes with outside demands – your career, public image or profile. Perhaps you’ll be called to keep up appearances at work…

Be extra mindful around new contracts, purchases for your space and irreversible decisions around where you live and with whom.

August generally presents steamy interactions, with affectionate liaisons drawn into deeper territory… Passions intensify, becoming too hot to handle at times – sense the pressure begin to ease, just slightly, from August 19th.


June 21 — July 22
Your mesmerizing ruler – the moon – makes major astrological moves this summer – it’s eclipse season!

You’ve a huge portal for change and new beginnings where your role and salary are concerned, so turn attention towards assets already in place and feel positive about your start point.

With fresh starts for income perhaps you’ll forecast finances for the six months ahead, or make moves towards an entirely new position.

Mars is powering through your money zone so your earning capacity is on fire, yet over–spending is tempting too! Go easy on your credit card, directing your energy towards saving rather than a splurge. Use extra caution July 27th, and tune into your drives on the lively day – you’ll see true purpose with clarity.

Embrace warm tones of brown and tan in the weeks ahead. Show you mean business with rich terracotta, honey and apricot.

The full moon on August 7th is a highly significant peak, putting its emphasis on investments – where have you been pouring your energy, Moonchild? Available resources will be clear to see, as too will the relationships underpinned with loyalty and commitment.

Mercury will retrograde in the communication area of your horoscope, so you’ll need to slow down your exchanges from August 13th, when the messenger planet digs his heels in. Increase precision, clarity and patience.

August is stressful for many, including the Crabs, so go easy. It’s likely you’ll need to balance growth at home with a partners needs, and note the 15th for an intense exchange. What you want and the need for compromise is real on this gnarly day.


June 21 — July 22
Get ready for a brand new you luscious one – there are two game-changing new moons in Leo and therefore wild beginnings in the weeks ahead.

Celebrate your birthday (and all eyes on you), and embrace major fresh starts – remember, it’s personal…

July 23rd and August 21st mark the start lines – potential turning points on your path, and what’s more, because this is ‘eclipse season’, any resolutions you make will be supercharged!

You’ll feel far more rejuvenated now, as energizing Mars is closely aligned with the vital sun delivering you star power. It’s a glorious time to propel yourself forward with confidence – note July 27th adds vibrancy to your approach, while August 10th is another favourable day for your community to pull through for you.

Add gilded touches to your makeup with a touch of sparkle, emphasizing your sociable side. Lemon yellow could be particularly appealing now, as you’ve a light,

With Mercury passing through the area of practical planning you’ll have plenty of common sense to ground your thinking in real terms. However with a retrograde spell kicking off on the 13th don’t be surprised if you rethink and refine along the way. Stay flexible, especially where financial commitments are concerned.

August 13th is also a day to proudly put your talents, personal efforts and hard work on display. Throughout the month ahead “you do you!” Leo, with the exception of one special day…

Put others first on the 7th, when a full moon and the lunar eclipse spotlights others, and your relationships. Do something special for a special someone, prioritizing partnership over solo feats.




August 23 — September 22
Eclipse season could be incredibly cathartic for Virgo.

The sun, Mars and Mercury are breathing life into the area of closure, escape and release in the weeks ahead, with two supercharged new moons – and new beginnings on July 23rd and August 21st.

It’s a truly favorable time to work things out in a private sanctuary; give yourself space to think and process the past. Let go of the people that no longer serve you, waving goodbye to old hurts, grudges and projects that didn’t make the grade. Realize finality, focusing on freedom from all that’s outdated – you can even purge your wardrobe or makeup collection!

It’s a magnificent time for conclusions, and you’ll have masses of concentration and brainpower to lend to your endeavors, with your ruling planet Mercury popping up in your sign July 26th.

Your outlook is connected, alert and engaged, however note that confusion can arise from August 9th, when the messenger planet comes comes to blows with foggy Neptune. Others may seem elusive at this time and it could be challenging maintaining your sense of self through the confusion.

To add even more complexity, Mercury appears retrograde from the 13th, creating an extra layer of miscommunication, and at worst intangible thought.

Conversations can prove totally unsubstantial, so be extra patient with yourself and others. Be clear in what you say and expect, writing things down when in doubt. Steady yourself and bring yourself back to your core purpose and direction with ochre, mustard and white.

Focus on yourself, and address any niggling personal issues in the weeks ahead.


September 23 — October 22
It’s been a year of huge growth for Libra’s but eclipse season puts the emphasis on your wider network – the friends, colleagues and peers all around you!

With two new moons in your friendship and networking sector, the emphasis in the weeks ahead highlights new beginnings amongst peers, specifically July 23rd and August 21st.  These are favorable times to embrace social activities, interests in a group or a passion that places you at the heart of a community.

Use your flair for graceful interaction to initiate desirable connections in the weeks ahead. You’ve a naturally attractive disposition that draws others near, yet you can also masterfully direct proceedings. Show your true colors with clean lines, and incorporate a gentle touch of femininity to soften the edges.

You enter a terrifically ambitious cycle from August 1st, and are especially visible to peers making it a wonderful time to circulate – Saturday the 12th is particularly special and a day to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look. However, note the 15th presents tension between home and your flourishing public position; navigate sensitively.

The 17th presents challenges too, and is potentially overwhelming, as personal growth you’ve achieved to date clashes with progress you’re making in an external role.

July 24th could dampen your sense of adventure with a seriously dour undertone, yet a partner’s vibrant enthusiasm can liberate your outlook on the 27th!

A hotly romantic full moon falls in the most playful area of your on the 7th – relieve some of the tension at home and make way for passion, fun and flirtation!


October 23 — November 21
Leo season heralds a career boost for Scorpio, with great focus and attention on your position in the world.

There are new beginnings in store for how you’re seen – the weeks ahead are a powerful gateway to a new path. Where would you like the road to lead? Now’s the time to direct your energy towards your chosen route…

With all systems go for your public face it’s a great opportunity to shine – you might like to operate with controlled privacy, Scorpio, but the weeks ahead call you towards recognition, so be groomed and ready – especially July 27th!

Remember, fresh starts are totally possible, so reflect your particular strand of ambition in the clothes you wear. Give off an air of confidence and embrace styles that elevate your authority in your particular field.

You can step into leadership roles too – sleek, go-getter pieces are your calling card and can see you thrive now. A classic forest green adds gravitas to your look.

Set yourself professional goals for the six months ahead and shoot for the stars! Writing down your intentions supercharges them on July 23rd and August 21st, so make note.

There’s tension afoot in the first week of August, as the plans you’re developing in private are contested. The 15th presents challenging celestial conditions to enjoy yourself, so lay low on this overwhelming Tuesday.

Look forward to the stellar days – August 20th – 22nd, when the strain starts to ease and sustained efforts in your role pay off. You can reinvigorate special projects at this time, too – these are particularly affirming days for you Scorpio!


November 23 — December 21
Get ready for a brand new adventure Sagittarius!

Leo season puts your favorite things firmly on your map – long distance travel, opportunities for further education, an exciting enterprise or the chance to broadcast your message on a much broader platform!

With two new moons – and therefore two fresh starts on offer, you can bet there’ll be wonderful ways to begin again in style.

Allow a breath of fresh air to breeze into view with optimism. Embrace change and foreign connections; be open to a voyage somewhere exotic or absorb the culture all around you… It’s a good time to welcome in new ways of learning, or embark on a totally fresh education. Invigorate your message, awaken your senses and embrace the shake-up wild child.

Step in to styles that are totally different and even a little outrageous – think boho chic and gravitate towards dramatic touches that show off your personal interests – add a quirky touch.

The first week of August is challenging, as enthusiastic Jupiter comes to blows with heavy-handed Pluto – progress might seem to come at a cost; the 17th is testy too.

Relief comes on the 10th and 20th; the stars align in your favor and you can look forward to a sign that your efforts are paying off and reinvigorating your plans.

Mind the Mercury retrograde, which begins to take effect around the 9th in your career zone…

You’re high-minded Sagittarius, so focus on a worthwhile cause, striving towards altruism. The journey you follow can contribute beautifully to an important community project, and your relationship to the group will certainly benefit.

There’s untold growth in months ahead…


December 22 — January 19
Summer’s great eclipse is hot and heady for Capricorn.

The focus throughout Leo season – including the emphasis of the solar eclipse – is intimate and private affairs, peaking August 21st.

Dig deep Mountain Goat, there are fresh starts around every corner and an important issue or relationship requires your focus! Perhaps it’s a contract or agreement linked to property, tax or some other legal entity that calls for renewal. Maybe commitment towards shared space or pooled resources are on your radar, or a combination of all of the above.

New beginnings are close; August the 13th and 22nd see you reach significant, personal milestones, affirming days that boost your confidence as your story unfolds.

Dark, sleek fashions help streamline your priorities, determining what’s important. Your style is classic with minimum fuss, so stick to the tried and true cornerstones of your wardrobe while you tackle serious business. Reach for a reliable pair of shades, too!

You may contend with distractions July 24th, balancing work or daily duties with more serious priorities – those around you might warrant your attention but keep your balance.

The first week of August is tense, as personal transformations jar with a professional profile that’s blossomed. The 15th is powerful too, as you understand your place in partnership a little better, avoid power struggles and seek out friendly relations on this day.

On the 7th a financial or work related issue can come full circle, as a full moon (and lunar eclipse) peaks in your money zone.

Take extra care with foreign connections from around the 9th – Mercury will retrograde in your travel zone!


January 20 — February 18
The game-changing eclipses of 2017 put relationships center stage for Aquarius.

Prepare for all kinds of interactions to be your primary focus, as new beginnings are foreseen across your one-to-ones July 23rd and August 21st.

Refresh passionate notions before the end of July; Venus is passing through the most amorous area of your horoscope favoring flirtatious moves, and fun’s at an all time high!

Single? Get ready to mingle, meet fresh faces and potentially, to buddy up. Coupledom? It could be time for you and bae to take the next steps… Enjoy seeking out pleasure and give yourself plenty to smile about!

July 24th and 30th are favorable days for progressive discussions – including how romance fits in to the bigger picture. Flirty pink and a cute print lightens your mood, and increases sweetness and affection in those around you. Show you’re ready for love with sexy date night attire – and underwear!

It’s not only love but friendships that thrive in August, with the 21st and 22nd powerful days to join forces. Dedicate energy towards group activities, as community dealings are 5-star, including peer-to-peer interactions across social and professional networks.

Note conversations aren’t entirely smooth sailing, with Mercury retrograde from August 13th in your most intimate zone – be mindful around contracts and any legal dealings; committed talks could take a turn just as you’re making headway.

It’s not all about others during Leo season – August 7th is all about you! Make a point of spotlighting personal achievements on this day, as your special qualities will be clear for all to see.


February 19 — March 20
There’s a wonderful fresh start for work and everyday routines in the weeks ahead, Pisces – warning! It could get incredible busy!

With two powerful new moons this Leo season – including a solar eclipse – you’ll want to usher in new beginnings around processes and ways of working. You might even find a new job or a totally refreshed purpose!

Begin again with your ideal schedule and welcome supportive allies to your side – be open to a helping hand or new additions to the team that makes life easier.

Introduce fresh ideas for health, exercise and wellness around the new moon days too – July 23rd and August 21st. Pep up your intentions with oatmeal shades and honey hues – warm, calming colors of wellness that help you feel nourished through this demanding cycle.

The first week of August could be tough, with pressure from friends or your broader network. Perhaps they’re offering advice around a financial or relationship issue that’s just not helping. You can look forward to the 10th, however, which presents auspicious conditions around money and partnership.

Though you’re making great progress during your busy phase, packed and productive, do take the foot of the accelerator August 7th. It’s a day for quiet contemplation and rest.

Chatty Mercury moves into the area of your horoscope where one-to-one exchanges occur on July 26th. You could find timely opportunities for conversations and relate more readily to others, however talks aren’t smooth sailing. Take extra care from August 9th, as our messenger planet slows, stations and appears retrograde. You might find yourself revisiting the same issue or talks thereafter!