“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” — Coco Chanel

At Enamel Diction, we're passionate about color. Be it dictated by astrology, nature, analogous theory, complementary schemes or discovered in our natural habitat of the fashion media; color has the ability to influence perceptions and alter mood.

Step inside the Enamel Diction Color Studio to uncover your personal expression and buff off the truth. Is the polish we wear a true reflection or just gloss?

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Taurus

crescent moon buttonTaurus sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through comfy Taurus today. Eat something you love. Have a second serving.

Painting a new light on diction

Nasty Gal’s, Remy Ramirez steps inside Enamel Diction to test the cosmic waters herself with our resident astrology Rose Theodora.

Read the story here to get all the deets first hand (pun intended)…

The moment we sat down for the actual manicure, Rose switched from astrologist to nail artist-whisperer. “We’re going to do a denim blue for her Gemini,” she said to Fariha, the graphic-designer-gone-rogue-nail-stylist, whose own nails were a combo of wild neons and out-there textures, “and this deeper blue for her Scorpio energy. These are both for money and self-worth, so I want to do some sacred geometry, but leave open space for her Libra moon. Also, let’s add gold to help steer her toward Leo. That’s her north node.” — Remy Ramirez
August 10, 2016
OPI Salon Spotlight
August 16, 2016
Where stars and colors meet