“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” — Coco Chanel

At Enamel Diction, we're passionate about color. Be it dictated by astrology, nature, analogous theory, complementary schemes or discovered in our natural habitat of the fashion media; color has the ability to influence perceptions and alter mood.

Step inside the Enamel Diction Color Studio to uncover your personal expression and buff off the truth. Is the polish we wear a true reflection or just gloss?

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Aries

crescent moon buttonAries sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Aries today. Watch your head, but do jump in. It's time to conquer.



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“Keeping things illuminated and bright while in idle mode.”[/googlefont][border color=”#000000″ style=”solid” size=”1px” margin=”28px”]

Be one with the chaos, wearing Pink Confetti helps you to stay afloat. Think flexible this week–with two planets in Gemini (Mars, and Mercury), and planets Saturn and Mercury in Retrograde things may not be all they are cracked up to be. When the most active planet Mars, our energy, and Mercury, the way we think and speak..dance together in mercurial Gemini, life gets very interesting and things can happen very quickly, or at least we want them to. My advice to you this week–speaking the truth will set you free, but take a beat before you speak that truth. When other people are presenting their point of view, don’t be quick to judge; instead, listen and take it in and then see how you “feel” to decide what you think. You’ll need to take extra care not to jump the gun, or fly off the handle when things go array, and with mercury in Gemini sleeping (going retrograde-05.18.15 – 6.11.15) they will. We are taking things slowly, thinking about our “future” plans that we’ll set in motion a little later–now is where it’s at.

Amongst the chaos, we realize what stands between us and our dreams.

We are continuing to work with our dreams–refining them, nurturing them and most importantly allowing…them to manifest. There is a New Moon on Sunday in Taurus, and New Moons are fertile, opportune times dream big. Dedicate the beginning of your week to getting rid of things that you no longer need–this can be the simplest things: old clothes, papers etc. so that you can experience the New Moon with a clear head and clean slate–Essentially, you are making room for more of what you want.

Push through with Pink Confetti, it’s your party and you can do it how you want to.

Pink reminds you to:
– Love yourself
– Be at peace, despite having dropped your phone in the pool
– Tap into your inner goddess
– Smile

Confetti reminds you to:
– Allow the missing pieces to remain missing pieces
– Be present–enjoy and appreciate where you are at now
– Dream big and not be limited by your over analytical adult brain–instead remember what it’s like to be playful and joyful.
– To persevere even in the face of difficulty–you may have to ask twice and that’s ok.

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Right where you’re at is where your party is. You can get anxious and want to be more mobile, but you’d be wise to focus on things that you can get rid of to make more $$, because last month it’s likely that you emptied your pockets. This New Moon in Taurus dances through your financial house, and Pink Confetti helps you make the most out it.

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It’s your birthday and you can do it how you want to!! ; ) You’re headstrong, duh…but maybe think a little bit more about your plans before setting things in motion–wait until after mercury retrograde. You’re a planner, so utilize this New Moon in your sign to rethink commitments and people from your past–you might be missing something. Maybe it’s you! Wearing this week’s color helps you to get in touch with your less methodical side.

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Pink Confetti is all you! It might be Taurus’ birthday, but you’re planning the party this week and with you there are no rules, just confetti and cupcakes. Your mind is quick, but you’ll want to go inward and be more introspective–developing a strategy is key for you right now. Wearing this week’s color reminds you to dream big.

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Nostalgic and sentimental in Pink Confetti is how you’ll want to be. I know, I know isn’t that how you always are? Well maybe, but you’ll need to be yourself and embrace it. This week would be a great time to revisit your past relationships with friends, clients and acquaintances–you can’t move forward unless you clean up the past.

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Life’s a party for you everyday, at least that’s how you’d like it to be. Pink Confetti allows you to look at options related to career though, and you’ll need to be attentive. Don’t jump into anything you’ll regret, take it slow and take stock. How can you incorporate more enjoyment into your career?

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Think about your talents, wearing Pink Confetti helps you to get in touch. This is an exciting time for you and you are oozing giddy. You have something special to contribute to the world and you’re about to embark on that new adventure…Are you ready? Take this time to get all of your ducks in a row.

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Ignited, mentally and sensually is how Pink Confetti wants you to play, but before you can do that you’ll need to think about the missing pisces. Doing a little research never hurt anyone, besides learning about where you’re headed only gives you the upper hand.

[gap height=”10″]

Partner oriented in Pink Confetti. With mercury retrograde going through your financial house you may need to be a little more patient and thoughtful when it comes to join finances. Patience was invented by you, so I trust that you’ll be comfortable with this transit.

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You’ll feel pretty in Pink Confetti and pleasantly surprised by a new source of income coming to you, just don’t sign anything just yet! Be playful, be your whimsical self and get in touch with your creative side.

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Wearing Pink Confetti helps you to feel more energized. You’re used to doing things slowly and steadily and these wild aspects are making you feel a little all over the place, but that’s ok. Change is good, and something that you will benefit from this time Cap. Thinking of you in this week’s color makes me happy for you.

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It’s not your first pick, sure, but wearing Pink Confetti gifts you inspiration to redo/redecorate your place, or at least the people in it! I wish I were kidding, but you’ve been wanting to change things up a bit and now is the perfect time to ‘think’ about doing it–just wait until mid June to do it.

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You love this color as much as you love the confetti that adorns it, it makes you feel spectacular inside. When you feel good, others feel good. It’s best to dive into writing projects, and get all of those ‘feel good’ thoughts down on paper. Those ideas will likely lead to a trail of financial stability. Pink Confetti removes all boundaries for you, and reminds you of the dreamer you were born to be.

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May 8, 2015
May 21, 2015
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