“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” — Coco Chanel

At Enamel Diction, we're passionate about color. Be it dictated by astrology, nature, analogous theory, complementary schemes or discovered in our natural habitat of the fashion media; color has the ability to influence perceptions and alter mood.

Step inside the Enamel Diction Color Studio to uncover your personal expression and buff off the truth. Is the polish we wear a true reflection or just gloss?

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Aries

crescent moon buttonAries sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Aries today. Watch your head, but do jump in. It's time to conquer.



[border color=”#000000″ style=”solid” size=”1px” margin=”28px”][googlefont font=”playfair Display” size=”36px” color=”#000000″ float=”none” line_height=”1.2″ margin=”28px” align=”center”]LEMON YELLOW
“Refresh with Lemon Yellow “[/googlefont][border color=”#000000″ style=”solid” size=”1px” margin=”28px”]

To conclude and refresh with Lemon Yellow

This week is about turning over a new leaf. We’ve been building, strategizing and soul searching…Now it’s about closing the door so that a new one can open!

Yellow is the gateway and Lemon is full of cheer–keeping things light and airy so that we may move forward without hesitation, remorse, or regret. Chances are you care about making all the right choices, but you shouldn’t this week. You’ve thought long and hard about where your life is headed and you have a pretty good idea by now. It’s time you trust yourself, let go and allow things to unfold. How do you do that? By tying up any loose ends. Don’t worry about making the right choice. Yes you read that correctly d•o•n•t w•o•r•r•y, you’ll have an opportunity to fine-tune the decision(s) you’ve made later. There is no time like the present, so set your sails and look forward. With Mercury in quick witted Gemini, Mars in steadfast Taurus (until May 11th and then Mars enters Gemini) and Saturn retrograde, we are being nudged to quickly but firmly close the door, no drama, stay detached…just shut it behind you. When saturn goes direct in August we’ll be able to renegotiate. Things will work in your favor if you make a decision.

Lemon Yellow is vibrant, initiates change, promotes self reliance and inspires the need to live a more orderly life.


We’ve mixed Lemon Yellow with pink and light blue because anyone who knows… a little Yellow goes a long way. #WARNING yellow should only be used in small doses–too much can cause inquisitiveness and agitation. Pink promotes self love, blue takes the edge off, and black borders remind us to walk firmly forward.

P.S. did you know that lemons boost your immune system, are a blood purifier and have an array of medicinal properties related to relieving inflammation.

We recommend sipping on Lemon water whilst allowing your matching mani dry.

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Patience butterfly. The verdict is in your favor, but you’ll need to communicate that the door is closing. You’ve been spending a lot of cash lately and you should be able to save a bit more now. You’ll be inspired to show a little more tenderness to your family this week, and Lemon Yellow is like oxygen to your fire.

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Happy Birthday you Bull you! I know, Lemon Yellow isn’t your cup of tea, so why recommend it for you birthday month? Because you are set in your ways and are slow to make a decision. Wearing this week’s color boosts your mood and motivates you!

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Picked especially for you! If you had things your way the world would be painted entirely in Lemon Yellow! It’s as active as you, as friendly as you, as witty as you, and sometimes just as nutty 😉 J.K. Wear it and feel reconnected to your authentic self. Hey, you may even find some more money in your pocket.

[gap height=”10″]

Venus enters your sign today Cancer, and this is total bliss, so enjoy it–It will be here until June 5th. You’ll be feeling completely romantic and sensual. Wearing a Lemon Yellow this week, kicks off this bliss by motivating you to close outworn doors and walk through new ones. I’m excited are you?!

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Opting for a subtle animal pattern with this look would be precisely you. Things are heating up for you, can you feel it? Well maybe not just yet, but things are in the works. Wearing this week’s color helps you to deal with matters close to home and to feel more positive. Try spending some alone time in nature. I recommend a yellow rose garden. Too specific ;)? Paint your nails a Lemony Yellow.

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Friendly and sociable! Before you turn your cheek, think about adding more color to your life. Monotone only get’s you so far. You have a great couple months in store for you, and if you play your cards right a Jolly good year! Lemon Yellow ensues the positivity.

[gap height=”10″]

Lemon Yellow screams qualified and wearing it will help you further your career and allows others to see just how capable you are. You look nice in this color, you should wear it more. Why don’t you?

[gap height=”10″]

Just make a decision, you’ll be relieved that you did. It may be time for you to travel, and or to learn something new–seize the opportunity! Wearing this week’s color leaves you with a new and fond sentiment.

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Stamina, focus and completion! You know as well as I that seeing things though isn’t your strong suit, but you’ll need to finish your project(s) because more are headed your way! Lemon Yellow is like Gemini, your color too. You’ll love it, you’ll feel gregarious (more than you already do!).

[gap height=”10″]

Positive about your partner is what Lemon Yellow does for you. If your business needs a readjustment now would be an ideal time to make those adjustments. This look may not be your first pick, but you’ll be glad you tried.

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Vibrant and healthy is what Lemon Yellow promises you–wear it with the intent to take better care of yourself! You deserve to pamper yourself like anyone else. Now would be a great time to close the door related to bad health habits and start a new regimen.

[gap height=”10″]

Add some glitter to the black lines and you’ll feel shimmer just like the sun in Lemon Yellow. It’s time to commit to a new creative endeavor, and leave old outworn ones behind. Feed your soul with this week’s color.

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May 3, 2015
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